SIRGE Pipeline


The SIRGE pipeline system is a 234km 30" nominal bore pipeline with a nominal capacity set at 665MMsfcd. The pipeline runs from the TotalEnergies operated Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) at Sullom Voe on Shetland to a sub-sea tie-in on the NSMP-owned FUKA Pipeline at the MCP01 bypass valves.

The pipeline provides transportation services for the export of gas from the emerging West of Shetland frontier to the UK mainland market. Ownership interests in SIRGE are as follows:

Company Equity Interest Equivalent Nominal Capacity MMsfcd
NSMP Operations Limited 67.04% 446
INEOS E&P (UK) Limited 18.26% 121
Chevron Britain Limited 7.18% 48
Ithaca SP E&P Limited 7.52% 50
TOTAL 100.00% 665

Pipeline capacity is owned on a "divided rights" basis which means that each SIRGE owner may enter into individual commercial agreements to transport 3rd party gas. If a SIRGE Owner receives a 3rd Party request for transportation services, then all other SIRGE Owners will be notified of that request. If the 3rd Party wishes to proceed with the transportation services request, it will enter into a common SIRGE Transportation Agreement and an Individual Commercial Terms Agreement with the SIRGE Operator and SIRGE Owner respectively.

Under the current expectations of long-term oil and gas prices and indications given by investors, the infrastructure is expected to be operational for a minimum of 18 years.

Pipeline Length
665mmscfd (1)
February 2016


The SIRGE System provides a gas transportation only service from entry points at the Shetland Gas Plant or subsea tees along the pipeline route to the exit point at the sub-sea tie-in to FUKA Pipeline at the MCP-01 bypass valves.

A "Capacity Access Agreement" has been put in place between the SIRGE Owners and the FUKA Owner to facilitate access to transportation and processing capacity in FUKA by any future third parties who may wish to utilise the SIRGE/FUKA infrastructure.

Accessing Services

The SIRGE System is managed on a “divided rights” basis with each owner having full commercial rights over its equity share of the capacity. Each owner markets its capacity to 3rd parties via standard technical terms and individual commercial terms. Access to the SIRGE Pipeline may be initiated via a standard Service Request sent to any system owner (system owners).

Physical connection to the SIRGE System is achievable via any of the following methods:

  • Direct tie-in to the SIRGE Pipeline from offshore facilities via an onshore tee in the vicinity of the Shetland Gas Plant (new entry point).
  • Tie-in at one of the pre-installed hot tap tees along the sub-sea pipe route.

Technical Specifications

The 6km onshore section of the pipeline runs from inside the Shetland Gas Plant fence to the landfall at Firths Voe. The facilities at the Shetland Gas Plant consists of a pig launcher, HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) and beach valve. No processing or compression services are available from SIRGE to meet the SIRGE entry specification.

The offshore route continues to head in a general easterly direction until it reaches a point to the East of the Out Skerries. At this point it turns and heads in a southerly direction, before tying-in subsea to the FUKA system at the MCP01 bypass valves. The offshore route is 228.5km in length, giving a total pipeline length of 234.5km from the Shetland Gas Plant to the MCP-01 bypass valves.

The offshore section is designed to DNV-OS-F101 with the onshore section designed BS PD 8010-1.

Linepipe material is carbon steel grade L450 FDU SAW. Fluid classification is class D: non-toxic, single-phase natural gas. The tie-in to the FUKA pipeline at the MCP-01 bypass valves is via two 12” sub-sea tie-ins.

Potential Third Party tie-in points are available at the Laggan-Tormore- Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) onshore Shetland, plus the two pre-installed hot-tap tees as shown below.

Entry Specification

All gas entering the export pipeline will be expected to meet the following Entry Specification.

  • Gas Condition Cricondenbar, 106 bara. As calculated by the Peng Robinson equation of state or such alternative method as may be agreed from time to time. 
  • Pressure < 163.8 barg 
  • Temperature -5°C to 35°C 
  • Water Content < 24 Kg per Mscm H2S Content < 2.3 ppm 
  • Total Sulphur Content < 15 ppm expressed as H2S 
  • C02 Content < 3.8% mole 
  • O2 Content < 7.5 ppm 
  • Mercury Maximum mercury content of 0.01 micrograms per Standard Cubic Metre, unless otherwise agreed 
  • Mercaptans < 1.0 ppm Vol 

Natural Gas shall be commercially free from objectionable odours and from materials and dust or other solid or fluid matter, waxes, gums and gum forming constituents which might cause injury to, or interference with, the proper operation of the lines, meters, regulators or other appliances or facilities through which it flows.

No chemicals or other substances may be introduced by any means into the Natural Gas, which might be carried over into the Pipeline without the prior agreement of SIRGE Owners, such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld.

Natural Gas must be capable of being processed to meet National Grid Gas redelivery specification on Wobbe Index, Incomplete Combustion Factor, and Soot Index. The above specification may be subject to change in the future as a result of different requirements from regulators, or governmental authorities, not within the control of the SIRGE Owners.

Exit Arrangements

At the SIRGE System redelivery point, gas will enter the NSMP-owned and operated FUKA pipeline. For new volumes to be transported within the SIRGE System, and access capacity in FUKA, the following process will be followed:

1. Following receipt of a Service Request to transport new volumes in SIRGE, a SIRGE Owner will submit a Capacity Request on behalf of the new Volume Owner to FUKA.

2. The FUKA Owner will respond to the SIRGE Owner within 30 days of receipt to confirm or reject the Capacity Request. The SIRGE Owner will communicate this decision to the new Volume Owner.

3. If the Capacity Request has been accepted by the FUKA Owner the new Volume Owner would enter into negotiations with FUKA to agree a Transportation and Processing Agreement for the redelivery of sales gas at St Fergus.

Third Party Access

SIRGE facilities form part of a major infrastructure network, linking the West of Shetland area and Shetland Islands to the FUKA system where it connects at the MCP-01 location.

Tie-in points are present at various locations along the length of the pipeline, to accommodate possible third-party connections.

Technical details on access to the Greater Laggan infrastructure and the Shetland Gas Plant can be obtained from TotalEnergies E&P UK Limited via the following link:

The Greater Laggan Area


The ullage profile for the SIRGE System for each gas contract year is as follows:

  Capacity 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029
Pipeline 665 mmscf/d
> 25%
5% - 25%
< 5%

Future modifications may increase capacity/ullage.

The above ullage profile is for the SIRGE System Pipeline from the entry point at the Shetland Gas Plant to the exit point at the FUKA tie-in at the MCP-01 bypass valves. The ullage profile does not indicate ullage in any infrastructure upstream of the entry point or downstream of the exit point. Pipeline capacity is nominally 665mmscfd (18.83MMscmd) and is owned on a divided rights basis.