Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the most successful, Northwest European independent midstream organisation, integral to the successful achievement of a net zero future.

Our Purpose

We are a forward-looking business, well positioned as a critical link in the energy value chain. Embracing the opportunities and challenges facing the North Sea energy industry, we use our assets and expertise to make a positive difference to both security of supply and the energy transition.

Our Mission

Trusted to safely and efficiently meet the needs of our stakeholders today, while delivering sustainable long-term growth to enhance the value and reputation of our business.

Our Values


Safety is at the heart of our business, encompassing the integrity of our assets and everyone involved in our activities. We have an absolute commitment to the health and wellbeing of our communities, colleagues and partners.


We are deliberate about minimising the impact of our business on the environment and supporting our industry’s journey to net zero. We work proactively with all our stakeholders and care about the local communities in which we operate.


We conduct our business in an honest and transparent manner and will always do the right thing, holding ourselves to high standards and delivering on our promises.


We live an inclusive culture, working openly in collaboration with our colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders towards common goals. We are proud of what we achieve together.


We are passionate about what we do, and we strive to achieve win-win solutions for our customers, our business and other stakeholders.


NSMP is committed to the Oil and Gas Authority's ("OGA") Commercial Code of Practice and the Oil and Gas UK Infrastructure Code of Practice (ICOP). All of our business is "third party business" and this focus means we are very responsive to our customers' needs and enquiries for new services. The typical process for negotiations is as follows:

The process typically starts with a formal written enquiry from the Operator (or substitute commercial operator if a possible conflict of interest arises) of the field development group requiring access to the infrastructure. This enquiry (otherwise known as a Request for Service or Statement of Requirements) will contain relevant field information such as location, volume, indicative production profile (peak and average), maximum capacity being sought, indication of expected gas quality and an outline of the service requirements in accordance with the process described in the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf.

We will then respond with a termsheet for services and capital modifications based on our key commercial terms and meeting the needs of the service request. The termsheet can then form the basis for more detailed commercial discussions.