Acorn CCS awarded Track 2 status

We are delighted that Acorn CCS has been selected for Track 2 of the UK Government’s Carbon Capture, Usage Storage (“CCUS”) cluster sequencing process.

The Acorn project has a key role to play in the UK’s transition to net zero and therefore, today’s decision marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards realizing a greener and more sustainable society.

As well as being awarded Track 2 status, we are pleased that the Government confirmed that Acorn also retains its status as Track-1 reserve cluster.

Sayma Cox, NSMP’s CEO said: “We welcome the UK Government's announcement to advance the Acorn project onto Track 2. Achieving this milestone will provide further investor confidence towards continued support and delivery of the Acorn project, the Scottish Cluster and the wider economic benefits to be gained by this programme of projects, all of which move us ever closer to achieving our collective goal in making a sustainable transition toward decarbonizing the UK.”

Read the full press release on the from the Acorn Partners in the link below:

Acorn to enter Track 2 (

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